Cards for the Day: The Moon/Reversed Magician: Intuition Puzzles Us, Hesitation.

Intuition (crayfish on The Moon card) walks up out of our dreams and grabs us, but we may still be hesitating (Magician reversed). The crayfish’s message is not entirely clear — it’s cryptic and puzzles us. That’s partly because the path it will take us on may not be either of the options we were considering originally, but may instead lie on a path in between.

Take time to decipher this cryptic message from your subconscious and to set your true intention. Remember that “energy flows where attention goes.” Right now the Magician’s energy is directed down, into the earth. That’s not bad because we all need to take time to ground. But. At some point we need to set the Magician upright again, form an intention, and go back out into the world and act.

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