Cards for the Day: The Lovers/R’d 10 of Wands: Connect Your Work with Your Passion

What can motivate you if love can’t? If the hard work and responsibilities that we are carrying around (Ten of Wands) are not related to love, we will find it hard to carry them. We may even drop them to go and moon over whoever and whatever it is that we love so much. The lesson here is that if we can connect our work with our passion, with our love, with our values and everything that we believe is important ethically, we’ll find it much easier to go forward and we’ll find too that we have all the energy we need.


  1. what a brilliant blog. i love the waite deck. it was my first one. i give my s/o different ones as presents, but the rider/waite i think is the best and the easiest for me to read. good site. really love it. jen


    1. Wow, brilliant is something I don’t think I’ve ever been called before. Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.


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