Cards for the Day: If An Angel Appeared and Handed You an Idea, Would You Notice?

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands--Rider-Waite tarotThe High Priestess reversed--Rider-Waite tarotA creative idea appears out of thin air today — a divinely inspired idea (do you see the hand appearing out of the clouds?), one that, if acted on, can lead to security and happiness later, although there is a path to travel before we get to that point (do you see the house off in the distance on the Ace of Wands card? and the river and hills that must be traveled across in order to get to it?). But we’ll miss the idea if we aren’t paying attention to our intuition (High Priestess, reversed). Or we may miss the idea if it seems so implausible and counterintuitive (again, High Priestess, reversed) to us at first that we simply dismiss it. Take some time for meditation today so that you can be calm and receptive to inspiration when it comes. Don’t miss it.

As a side note, in general, “pay attention, pay attention, pay attention,” is almost always good advice! Yet we so rarely pay attention — especially in modern society, where our spirits and thoughts wander off and we are so rarely present in our own bodies and in our own time and place. We’re a culture of people who travel out of our bodies on a regular basis. Again, while there can be spiritual purposes for such a practice, it’s wise, and safe, to learn how to call the spirit back to the body and really, truly pay attention to our surroundings. No wonder we don’t notice angels — we notice so little, these days, unless it turns up in our own thoughts.

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