Cards for the Day: The Lessons Rain Can Teach Us

The Chariot reversed--Rider-Waite tarot

The Chariot reversed--Rider-Waite tarotTo be honest, I was expecting rain before I pulled any cards. We need it, the temperature is dropping, and it’s been getting overcast and windy. But I think whatever is blowing in has affected the cards as well, because my first card today (Chariot reversed, AGAIN) popped out with no problem, but when I tried to pull card number 2, I got four cards instead: Nine of Cups, reversed Queen of Wands, reversed Queen of Pentacles, reversed Seven of Pentacles. And today, all these cards are making me think of rain (I am in the U.S. Midwest).

But what does rain mean symbolically, and what can it teach us about our lives? Rain is a teacher, and it has lessons to offer:

1. Expect delays, especially travel-related ones. (The Chariot reversed)

2. Be grateful for water when you can get it, because in some times and places, it is scarce. (Nine of Cups)Nine of Cups--Rider-Waite tarot

3. To nurture your creativity and your spirit, it is necessary at times to rest and slake your thirst. (Queen of Wands reversed)Queen of Wands reversed--Rider-Waite tarot

4. To nurture your body and the earth itself, water and a slowing down period are also necessary. (Queen of Pentacles reversed)Queen of Pentacles reversed--Rider-Waite tarot

5. The law of cause and effect says that when you take time to rest, your eventual result (and your goals) will also be delayed. That’s okay, but frankly, whether it’s okay or not, it’s just the price you have to pay. (Seven of Pentacles reversed)

So rest today if you need to — don’t try to make your body and spirit get by without periods of renewal and recovery. The harvest will come when it comes. Seven of Pentacles reversed--Rider-Waite tarot


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