Cards for the Day: R’d Knave of Pentacles/8 of Pentacles: Balance with Intention to Have a Good Root Chakra Day

Eight of Pentacles--Yoga Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

Knave of Pentacles reversed--Yoga Tarot by Lo ScarabeoTurning to the YogEight of Pentacles--Yoga Tarot by Lo Scarabeoa Tarot again today, we see two cards featuring a lot of red, the color of the root chakra: the reversed Knave of Pentacles and the Eight of Pentacles. Root chakra issues such as family and survival — and heat — seem to be the dominant theme for today. Fear, anxiety, and doubt may arise, along with their sister emotions that appear when fear or anxiety is backed up against the wall: irritability, aggravation, and anger. The heat today, if you are in a hot place, won’t help us to be present mindfully with these emotions. But we can draw on self-discipline and will, from the solar plexus chakra (the yellow at the center of the Eight of Pentacles card), and on messages from our higher consciousness (purple, from the crown chakra, appears on this card as well).

Having a root chakra day doesn’t HAVE to mean that we will get caught up in negative emotions or let the still reptilian part of our brain, the amygdala, take over. Instead, we could connect with this deep red survival energy and use it to become more grounded and present. Another approach is to connect with love, sexuality, and desire. Or, better yet, both: love that is grounded, sexuality that is fully present. (In which case it could be a hot day in more ways than one. There are different ways of looking at desire, and some people might regard it as negative — but in this case, I am referring to desire that is based on true love and a spiritual connection, or desire that is IN balance rather than OUT of balance — does that help?) In addition, there are other aspects of love that we can choose to use today’s root chakra energy to connect with: grounded, caretaking love; nurturing love; the love of compassion for others; etc.

The difference between a root chakra day that is all about fear and anger, or anxiety and irritability, and a root chakra day that is all about mindful, fully present love, is balance. Why is the Knave of Pentacles upside-down? He’s out of balance — but trying hard to get back into balance through creation of a mandala. What color sand is dropping through his fingers? Yellow — again, the color of the solar plexus chakra, and the will. All around him we see green, the color of the heart chakra, and love. Connecting with the will to be a loving, mindful person is what it will take to keep us in balance today (that, and breathing). Remember my post on the power of intention? Intend to have a loving day, not an anxious angry day, and you very likely will. We can bend ourselves around today’s energy, like the Eight of Pentacles yogi, and still manage to achieve our intentions.

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  1. You sure do know your cards, I know, because I also know my cards! Keep up the fabulous work!


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