Cards for the Day: Ace of Pentacles/R’d King of Pentacles: Starting Over After a Royal Abdication

Ace of Pentacles reversed--Yoga Tarot

Ace of Pentacles--Yoga Tarot by Lo ScarabeoKing of Pentacles--Yoga Tarot by Lo ScarabeoThe Ace of Pentacles, in addition to being a very beautiful card, seems quite auspicious today. It’s a card of new beginnings, and of building on a strong foundation: in health, in business, in family matters, in various practical matters. But what’s with the upside down King? The same thing that is always the matter with upside down kings: he’s been deposed, or has abdicated. He can’t protect us any more. We have to start over — but luckily, we can, because we have all the tools we need.

Our first moment of common sense should come when we admit to ourselves that the King is no longer the power that he once was. Once we face that fact, we can begin to be realistic and think in terms of practical issues that need to be addressed.

Also, I want to note that the little book that came with the Yoga Tarot has this to say about the King of Pentacles: “By abandoning every potential reward, it is possible to heal.” I know all the abundance people will roll their eyes and say, “No! You have to expect rewards so that they will flow in!” But I’m not seeing that in this reversed King. What I see here is a lesson about what we need, and what we don’t need. And what we need is much less than we think we need. We don’t need a lot of stuff–and we also don’t need a King telling us what to do. We can actually rely on ourselves, trusting ourselves and our own inner wisdom.


    1. Wow, RandomJordan, thanks for picking me for the Lucky Seven Meme…I haven’t been doing much creative writing lately but I have stacks of works in progress…wonder which one I should choose? Um…we’ll see. Is there a deadline? 🙂


      1. No deadline, take your time to pick something out. I took a couple days at least myself. It’s just one of those Pay-it-forward kind of things to spread on to the next people continually.


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