Cards for the Day: King of Pentacles/10 of Swords: “I’m Not Quite Dead Yet”

King of Pentacles--Yoga Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

King of Pentacles--Yoga Tarot by Lo ScarabeoTen of Swords--Yoga TarotI feel like this Monty Python line applies to me…I’m not quite dead yet, but have caught my daughter’s cold and am heading that direction (or that’s what it feels like). But moving on to the cards for today: the King of Pentacles has risen from the dead (so maybe there’s hope for me too) or at least, he’s turned himself back upright again. Joining him is the Ten of Swords — which, speaking of the dead, is traditionally depicted lying prone with ten swords sticking out of his (or her) back.

I really feel like telling you guys to make of this what you will, interpret the cards yourself today, because I am sick (and feeling a bit sorry for myself about it!) But, I’ll give this a try anyway.

I almost feel that the King of Pentacles is appearing to correct my cards from yesterday. That he literally is saying, “no, don’t be silly, I would never abdicate–or allow a coup d’etat.” That conditions in our material world (our health, finances, family situation, etc.) are better than they appear to be, even though it may feel as though we should be lying prone with ten swords sticking out of us (drama queens that we humans tend to be whenever anything goes wrong). And what’s called for here is to take some time, reflect, meditate, and root, like the tree on the Yoga Tarot’s Ten of Swords card. Be grounded, be in the situation, and we’ll see what is called for — we can’t truly see what is called for if we have our heads wandering around in the clouds. We have to be present and accounted for to do that.

And in my case, what’s called for right now is a hot beverage to apply to my sore throat. Be well, the rest of you.


    1. Thank you; I am trying! I worked my way through a pot of peppermint/green tea this evening–that helped somewhat…


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