Cards for the Day: Knaves of Pentacles and Wands: Hesitation. Creative Restlessness.

Knave of Wands--Yoga Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

Knave of Pentacles--Yoga Tarot by Lo ScarabeoKnave of Wands--Yoga Tarot by Lo ScarabeoKeeping this short because I’m still very sick–two knaves have come to visit us today, but they aren’t sure what the next step is. Look at how they are sitting, considering. These are auspicious cards, but today is a day of considering, deciding — before the knights come along and charge at the next action. Notice, please, the dark reds and oranges of the first and second chakras appearing here, speaking to us about security and family. Notice, as well, that the solar plexus chakra’s yellow, the color of personal power and being able to make an effect in the world, appears in each knave’s hand as he considers what to do. And notice, finally, the appearance of green — the heart chakra, to guide the other chakras and bring them messages from the spirit world. What message are you waiting for today? Be patient; it will come.


  1. Thank you! I hope you feel better soon! Yellow figures prominently in many dreams I have and I’ve only recently come to make the chakral connection despite my awareness of the chakras for years. The connection came to me in my writings. I like this post today.


    1. Thank you–I am feeling somewhat better today, just coughing a lot. It’s taken me a long time to start making these chakral connections too–now that I am starting to, I hope to blog about them more, so I’m glad you liked this post.


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