Cards for the Day: The High Priestess/3 of Wands: We Pull Ourselves Together and Envision the Future

The High Priestess--Yoga Tarot

The High Priestess--Yoga TarotThree of Wands--Yoga TarotThis is one of those days that we’ve all been waiting for: a day when everything comes together and we can make real progress. We take time for stillness and meditation, and it helps us to pull our scattered energies back into our bodies and be able to truly focus and concentrate. Pulling our spirits back into our bodies gives us more energy, as well. It puts us in touch with coiled, kundalini energy rising up from the base of our spine, putting us in touch with our inner voices (The High Priestess) and our inner vision for the future (Three of Wands). We can literally pull ourselves together — pulling body and spirit together, pulling our energy together, and pulling our chakras together from the root chakra, symbolized by the red background all around the High Priestess, and the crown chakra, symbolized by the purple background all around the figures on the Three of Wands card.

With today’s energy, we can regroup, organize, and plan for the future, bending our will and our passions (yellow and orange, 2nd and 3rd chakra energy) to our underlying purpose. We have become flexible and open, and somehow that has made us stronger, channeling all that we are into one powerhouse of energy.

Take advantage of the chance to pull yourself together today. Start with a moment of stillness, and then go out and be unstoppable.


    1. These cards were from the Yoga Tarot by Lo Scarabeo. It’s a wonderful deck. Sorry–I usually make sure to identify the deck I’m drawing from, but I must have forgotten to this time!


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