Cards for the Day: High Priestess/Queen of Wands/Two of Swords: Do You Have to Choose Between Action and Intuition?

7-31-12 cards for the day

7-31-12 cards for the dayEvery time that I have a rough day and have little time for card interpretation, that’s when lots of cards fly out of the deck at me. Today is no exception: three cards, and initially my mind was a blank, so I went back to Donnaleigh’s method that I blogged about yesterday and extended the reading into a nine-card square. Here are the patterns I noticed:

1. Six out of nine cards in this spread depict meditation in one form or another. You already know what I’m going to say about that. Meditation is key on the kind of day I’m having!

2. There are columnar patterns here: first an all meditation column, second an all wands column, and third an all swords column. The wands column has an interesting ten – knave – queen progression from bottom to top.

3. The first and last card drawn both emphasize meditation.

All of these cards, for one simple message. We may feel that we have to make a choice (Two of Swords) between action (Queen of Wands) and intuition (The High Priestess), or between a practical life and a life of the heart and spirit. But we don’t. We can have energy and intuition in the same moment. How? Through meditation. By making time for meditation even during an active energetic day, and by bringing meditativeness into our daily actions. Yes, today is a day for meditation, but it’s also a day for action — for bringing that fully present self that is the gift of our meditation into full energetic focus. The Magician, appearing on the bottom row of this spread, reminds us that this was our intention all along — no need to hesitate.

And no need to scrimp on meditation even on a busy day, because meditation provides energy for action. It saves time; it doesn’t waste it.

Put another way, here is a different card that I drew earlier in the day from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies deck (though the fairy cards will never seem to scan straight!). It seems to express the message of my nine-card spread much more succinctly: “You’ve got the power! Use your abilities to resolve this situation. You can do it!”

Ironic, isn’t it, that the most positive messages appear on the most challenging days?


  1. This is so funny — I was literally reading an article about 2 hours ago on meditation. How to sit in zazen, body positioning, the breath, the state of mind, etc. And I had yoga today, and a busy day. Very good reading today, thank you!


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