Cards for the Day: The Emperor/Queen of Chalices/reversed Magician: Balance Has Returned, but Focus Isn’t Yet Clear

The Emperor--Yoga Tarot

The Emperor--Yoga TarotQueen of Chalices--Yoga TarotThe Magician reversed--Yoga TarotThree cards again today: The Emperor, the Queen of Chalices, and the Magician, reversed. Emotion (the Queen of Chalices) and rationality (the Emperor) are ready to act in concert again now, but our intention and focus isn’t quite there yet (the Magician, reversed). Still–balance comes first, focus and energy will be next. Take some time to root and ground and draw into yourself today. Flipping that Magician upright again is the last thing that needs to be done in order for all to be ready for what it is you need to do.


      1. interestingly to me – i believe it means to hold your ground. a proper PW2 is neither forward nor backward. the upper body is firm and upright and not like a “hood ornament” obviously, it is neither completely open hearted. we are to hold our heads erect and look over the middle finger into the distance: strong, stable and ready for anything but NOT starting a battle / war. many people do it incorrectly, lean forward at the hips in an offensive stance (which is really defensive) and that throws off the balance and strength from the grounding in the back leg (stretched out and ready to retreat for better balance if needed). it’s a strong pose; one of the hardest to hold. but all the PW poses (there are three) have the head positioned and the eyes looking straight on ahead. ready for anything.


      2. one more thing: it’s an anomaly, however, to have the palm facing up, which usually means “openness” and ready to receive. that a tree / plant is growing out of his hand or that he is ready to plant it … in this instance means to me that the war has ended and the tree is to symbolize peace. BUT… he’s still ready.


  1. I love your interpretation of this card! The advice to hold your ground especially–as holding your ground is peaceful, but strong, and the implication is that one is holding one’s ground in spite of a possible threat. Courage in the face of life’s challenges.

    I definitely need to improve my understanding of yoga if I’m going to keep working with the Yoga Tarot cards…I’ve been doing yoga for a while, but there are quite a few poses on these cards that, while familiar, have some tweaks to them that I have never seen before.


  2. hi bonnie
    how are you ?
    and happy new year for you
    may i ask you what mean this card emperor ? good or bad things
    and also i need your a device about my steps in my life. i not have any luck in my life or even in my jop . my name ehab . my birthdate : 10/3/1985 i feel all the door closed front my face.. please answer me


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