Cards for the Day: Strength/The Magician: The Moment Before Manifestation

Strength, Samurai Tarot
Strength--Samurai Tarot
If someone knows what the kanji in the background of this card means, will you please comment below and tell me? Thanks!
The Magician--Samurai Tarot
If someone knows what the kanji on the banner next to the Magician means, will you please comment below and tell me? Thanks!

What must happen before we can manifest our goals? We must envision them and form our strong intention. Once we manage to do so, manifestation is quite likely to follow. Look a

t the sumo wrestler on the Strength card. Incidentally, this Strength card is very different from the Rider-Waite version, which shows a woman taming a lion with gentleness and patience.

The sumo wrestler promises neither gentleness nor patience; he looks like a tiger about to strike. The Samurai Tarot labels this card, “Vision.” But this is vision magnified exponentially — it is literally the magnetic laserlike focus of the tiger about to pounce on its prey. This is the kind of vision we need to have when we set the goals that we truly want to manifest. Notice, though, the dragon tattoo, symbolic of wisdom, on the wrestler’s arm. We don’t want to use simple brute force, but vision married to wisdom. Yes, the sumo is a big guy, and he can move with tremendous power and momentum, but his opponent is probably an equally big guy who has just as much power and momentum. Vision and wisdom will determine who wins this match.

I wasn’t paying attention when I drew The Magician (sorry!), so I am not sure whether he is meant to be reversed or not. But I feel as though he is upright. The Samurai Tarot labels this card “the origin,” and notes “The starting point of a journey is also its end. Even the Gods and Buddhas began with space.” In other words, all things are possible, but we must form our intentions. We are floating in time and space, but our one anchor is the present moment, which draws together all that came before and all that will yet happen in the future. Whether you look at the present moment as the end of all that came before or the beginning of all that is to come depends on your perspective.



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