Cards for the Day: 7 of Chalices/R’d 3 of Wands: Dreams/Illusions Distract from Goals

Seven of Chalices--Samurai Tarot

Seven of Chalices--Samurai TarotThree of Wands reversed--Samurai TarotDreams, fantasies, wishes, illusions. You will often find me advising people to follow their passions and find the work that calls them — but following a dream is a little different. Dreams provide inspiration and motivation, but when it comes to planning our lives, they are frankly not that helpful. Rather than follow  your dream, I’d rather you set a goal and lay out the steps that you must take to complete the goal.

Today, though, we are distracted by dreams. Will o’ the wisps. Or maybe just fireflies, as on the Seven of Chalices card. We don’t even know which one to follow! But it is certain that the attempt to catch these fireflies will delay our progress toward our true goals — you know, the ones that we plan and schedule on the calendar. Not the ones that fly away from us.

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