Cards for the Day: Earth Changes/Abundance: Spiritual Decluttering, or, the Blessing in the Storm

Earth Changes--Universal Wisdom deck

Earth Changes--Universal Wisdom deckAbundance--Universal Wisdom deckFeeling drawn to pull from Toni Carmine Salerno’s Universal Wisdom deck again, I pulled Earth Changes and Abundance. These cards, especially together, suggest that things are going better than we think. We have been through storms in our lives, and may be currently in the midst of some, and many of those storms may be connected with what we feel we lack (enough income, love in our lives, or maybe simply time to do what we feel we need to do). But we don’t realize that we already have everything we need. On some level.

The thing is, these storms that we experience are not purely negative in nature. They are, of course, at least partially negative. That’s why they are such a struggle. But looked at another way, they are sort of like spiritual decluttering. You have to experience loss before you can experience abundance. It’s simply a matter of making room for something new and wonderful. And the new and wonderful things that are coming are not theoretical — they are real and on their way. We just have to be patient and make room. Money problems are not the end of the world, we have more love in our lives than we think we do (and more on the way), and we have, believe it or not, all the time we need.

For those who are interested in religious symbolism, note the rainbow on the Earth Changes card, which holds special meaning for both Christians and Buddhists. And, of course, note the angel on the Abundance card. We are watched over and taken care of even when we don’t necessarily realize or appreciate it — and there is spiritual help available to us even when we don’t think to ask for it. And we are blessed in ways that we don’t always notice at the time.


  1. Oh lovely. (Big sigh of relief.) That’s right on where I’m at. Wondering if I’ve done the right thing to bring stuff into the open at work. Stormy times. Just having to take each minute as it comes, never mind days or hours!

    I know this stuff anyway – but it doesn’t ‘arf make you feel better when someone else articulates it. Oh that’s made my week that. Thanks! πŸ˜€


  2. I really like this post. I realized along time ago that every negative thing that happens is not necessariarlly going to make my life go down hill. Those experience should be seen as opportunities to learn to make the future better. You are so right about the blessings that we do not see. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! Yes, sometimes we just can’t see how experiences will make the future better…it’s like not being able to see around the bend in the road. But it’s there…


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