Cards for the Day: R’d Tower/R’d Empress: A Women’s Day of Reckoning Approaches

The Tower--Reversed!

The Tower--Reversed!The Empress--Reversed!A women’s day of reckoning is coming, but it’s not quite here (these cards are reversed). Mothers (The Empress), in particular, are doing a slow burn about something. Mothers may have a long fuse, but when that fuse runs its course, watch out for the explosion (The Tower).

Plus, let’s remember that Mars (the god of war) is still in Scorpio (the quintessential mother sign).

I can hear you saying, “oh, right, I’m really scared. The mothers are coming. Big whoop.” If that’s what you think, you don’t know mothers or women. Let me put it this way: women will only sit around and watch the shit hitting the fan for so long, before they stand up and turn off the fan. And they will not put up with lies, not for long. Remember the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina? I’ve added a link in case that was before your time. Here’s another, more recent, link, about Mexican mothers and grandmothers retaking their town.

Which mothers are going to get fed up the fastest and take the lead? The older ones, with enough life experience to do it, the ones whose children aren’t tiny any more. Yes, that’s right, the hags are coming (and I mean that in every positive feminist sense of the word). And just in time for Halloween. We all know that a witch is really just an older woman with plenty of common sense and zero tolerance for bullshit.

Yup. When mothers go on the warpath, watch out. A mother’s revolution. It’s about time. Bwa ha ha ha. 🙂


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