Cards for the Day: R’d Tower/R’d 9 of Pentacles: Foundations Begin to Crumble

The Tower reversed

The Tower reversedNine of Pentacles reversedReversed Tower two days in a row? Something is slowly giving way, or building up to an explosion, depending on how you look at it. We’re seeing the tiny earthquakes and vented gases that appear in the days before a volcano erupts (I mean that figuratively, not literally).

Moreover, while this major transformation is building momentum, we are not paying attention. We are not listening. In fact, we may be leaning on the Tower and expecting it to support us. It won’t.

Finally, with the Nine of Pentacles appearing (where yesterday we had the reversed Empress), I’m sticking with my comments of yesterday: part of what’s going on is that women are becoming fed up. Fed up with men? Well….partially. That Tower is looking pretty phallic! But that’s not the whole picture.

Is what’s coming really a women’s revolution (again figuratively, not literally)? Or are women just going to be there to pick up the pieces (as usual)? My answer to that is this: women revolt BY picking up the pieces. If we do tear something apart, it’s typically so we can recycle its parts. Women also revolt by standing on our own feet and becoming self-sufficient. If that’s what’s coming, what we’ll see is women picking up the Nine of Pentacles card (again, figuratively!) and turning it right side up again.


  1. Thanks for posting earlier in the day – I love having your reading as inspiration and a lens through which to play with the day. On another note, as a woman who is building her own business, I am in complete alignment with these readings. We, women, are ready to claim the power we have to create the world anew. This world will be built on kindness, generosity, respect and awareness of our oneness.


    1. Thank you–I am trying to start posting earlier in the day, although, it’s hard to decide what that means, since people read this blog in several different time zones. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the readings–and I agree with you wholeheartedly about women creating the world anew.


  2. I am totaly in agreement with this reading. I wish more young women realize their strenght and understood the concept you are talking about. Great reading. 🙂


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