Cards for the Day: r’d Sun/3 of Pentacles: Unmotivated? Burned Out? Flow & Dance with Collaborators

The Sun reversed--Yoga Tarot

The Sun reversed--Yoga TarotThree of Pentacles--Yoga TarotToo much gloom and doom in the Rider-Waite cards for the last few days…I thought we’d go back to the Yoga Tarot today for awhile. And what do we have here? Third chakra (do you see all the yellow in these cards?) will power/focus/motivation issues. The fire of the sun (or sun salutations), reversed, spiraling into burnout. It’s like we’ve all got senioritis, and it’s only September! I know it’s Friday, and some of us have to work all weekend too, but we can get through this! Sí, se puede! How?

Helpfully, these cards also suggest a solution. The solution comes from the heart, and it relates to finding our passion and channeling our energies there — that’s where we can do the most good, anyway. If we are working together as part of a group (Three of Pentacles), the best thing we can offer that group is our focused energy and heartfelt commitment. Our sincerity. And our appreciation for all the others in the group and for their heartfelt sincerity, as well. Compassion, from the heart, should flow both ways as well — we all know that each of us is feeling unmotivated, burned out, and ready for a break. We have to find a way to dance together, flowing with the energy of the project, with each of us contributing according to where our strengths and passions lie.

Yes, it’s a love fest, but what do you expect from the Yoga Tarot?

Besides, if we can manage to work together in a productive way, the result will be business success, and prosperity/material security for all those involved. Keep your chin up a little longer; it’s worth it. Take breaks if you need to to rekindle your fire, though. The Sun is number 19: we’re almost there.
As a side note, that peacock on the Three of Pentacles card looks a lot like the wild turkey that walked in front of my car in my daughter’s high school parking lot this morning! I feel like a not so little bird is trying to tell me something. 🙂


  1. I had to laugh when I read the power/focus/motivation issue part. That’s been me today. No motivation, whatsoever. But I sure like the 3 of Pentacles in this deck, both the image and the meaning. Maybe there’s hope for this day yet. 🙂


    1. I didn’t see this yesterday but hope your day got better! I had a lot of focus issues myself yesterday too…


  2. Me and my two friends are the three pentagonals in this reading. Whenever we are unmotivated be kick each other in the rear end. Does that count for motivation? 🙂


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