Cards for the Day: When good luck follows bad, we don’t always believe in it…

Wheel of Fortune--Rider-Waite

Nine of Wands reversed--Rider-WaiteThe Tower--Rider-WaiteWheel of Fortune--Rider-WaiteEvery storm is followed by sunny skies eventually — but sometimes we have post-traumatic stress from the storm, if it was tumultuous enough, and then we don’t trust even the sunny skies. It looks like the last few weeks have been rough going and may even have turned some of our lives upside-down (The Tower), but now our luck has changed (Wheel of Fortune) and things are getting better. But we don’t believe it yet (reversed Nine of Wands). Instead we are feeling a bit paranoid, still carrying that umbrella around in case of a sudden downpour. There’s some emotional lability going on. You never know when that Tower will strike again, true, but the thing about the Tower is, that when it appears, it is usually for the best, once you look at the matter from a longer perspective.

Be patient and have a little faith. We’re in the calm after the storm. We may still have some cleaning up to do, yes. But the tide has turned and things are getting better. They always do, if you wait long enough. 🙂

And by the way, those fences? those walls? those carefully enforced boundaries and limitations? They won’t protect you, so you may as well take them down and use the wood for something more productive.

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