Cards for the Day: R’d Devil/7 of Swords: Foolish Heroism Stops Liar in Tracks by Changing Rules of Game

Seven of Swords--Samurai Tarot

The Devil reversed--Samurai TarotSeven of Swords--Samurai TarotThis is one of those days when we can see how much the Samurai Tarot differs from the Rider-Waite. The Samurai Tarot’s version of these cards is a bit different, especially for the Seven of Swords. In the Samurai Tarot, the Devil is not so much addiction as deception. And the Seven of Swords represents a rash decision but one that is likely to succeed — like going after a swordsman armed with nothing but a long stick and a strong spirit, as depicted on the card.

I see a story in these cards. The Devil is pretty seriously pouting, as you can see. He feels he should have won. (Or, she feels she should have won!) The lies, the deception…it was all set up. It was a go. It should have been settled by now! But, never underestimate the power of the strong spirit to wash away deception and vanquish everything that lies in its path. Strong spirit doesn’t play the deceit game. Instead, it changes the game. And suddenly the liar’s strong hand evaporates — it was all illusion anyway.

One is tempted to fight fire with fire, to go after a sword with a sword. But these cards are saying, don’t bother. When your enemy is built on illusion, it doesn’t take that much effort to stop him/her. All it really takes is a strong gust of wind! Take the high road and let nature/karma/the universe work its own way out. Don’t resort to immoral tactics to defeat the Devil, even if you are in “I’m going to do what it takes to win this one” mood. Still fight back, but be brave enough to take the Fool’s path. Throw caution to the wind and risk everything to stay on your correct path. If you are defeated, you will be defeated on your path and not off of it. That’s what the liar doesn’t understand — that by insisting on operating ethically, even when the stakes are high and the situation is dire, you get to change the game, change the venue, change the rules.

Why does the game change? Because you’ve changed the definition of what it means to win. Suddenly, winning is not equivalent to winning the battle and staying alive. Winning is sticking to your path and operating ethically even if you get yourself killed. Then, even if you are defeated, you have still won. When the liar you are fighting realizes this, he/she will jones, just like the Devil on today’s card.


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