Cards for the Day: R’d Strength/8 of Wands: Ground to Find Strength Before Rushing Around

Strength reversed--Rider-Waite

Strength reversed--Rider-WaiteEight of Wands--Rider-WaiteWe all have plenty of strength and courage in us–the key lies in connecting with that strength. To do so, we often have to slow down, just a little. Rushing around (a la Eight of Wands) tends to weaken our connection with our own inner strength. If your day has you rushing around and trying to put out fires, and you feel negative emotions rising up (worry, fear, etc.), take a moment to not only slow down but come to a full stop. Take some time to do some belly breathing. Imagine roots extending from your body deep into the earth. Reconnect with your faith that you can handle the situation, whatever it might be. This exercise need only take five minutes or less. In a pinch, you could probably do it in 30 seconds. It’s worth that much time to give you the benefit of your inner resources for the rest of the day.

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