Cards for the Day: Stay Focused on Work–Don’t Chase with a Sword After Soap Bubble Lies

Eight of Pentacles--Samurai Tarot

Seven of Chalices reversed--Samurai TarotEight of Pentacles--Samurai TarotSix of Pentacles reversed--Samurai TarotWe already know, or should know, that the vast majority of what we experience on a day to day basis is generated by our own minds. In that sense, much of life is an illusion. Today we may be unsettled by illusions that depress us — we may feel that we can’t find what we are looking for, like boy on the Seven of Cups card, who is chasing fireflies but having trouble catching them. Or we may wonder if what we thought was real is really a big act, like the Kabuki play in progress on the Six of Pentacles card. Unfortunately, that big act is an area connected with our feelings of safety and security in the world, and with first chakra issues such as our family and home.

These are depressing thoughts, but–they are illusions. They just seem very real, like waking dreams. But they are soap bubbles and can’t hurt us if we take an attitude of calmly observing them. Don’t chase with a sword after soap bubbles. You will look like an idiot (ooh, another illusion–because you’re not an idiot).

Let me give a concrete example. This could be a day when someone tries to manipulate us with drama (like the Six of Pentacles Kabuki actor). It could be a day when someone lies to us — or when several people do.

But we don’t have to put up with all this. Remember that the point of drama is that it is all an act. We don’t have to take it too seriously and, in fact, it can’t really hurt us unless we give it our attention. Instead, we can make our own realities, by focusing on our own hard work. Let the soap bubbles float by and pop harmlessly. Take an observational attitude toward the drama. Take mental notes if you wish. Say to yourself, “hmm, that is very interesting.” But don’t get involved. See the steadfast mountain on the Eight of Pentacles card? Just stay focused on the day’s work and let the drama roll off your back like water off a duck.

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