Cards for the Day: Don’t Fear Tempering. Fear Drains Energy We Need to Get Things Done.

Ten of Wands--Samurai Tarot

Temperance reversed--Samurai TarotTen of Wands--Samurai TarotWe are afraid to go through the tempering process, because like the process of tempering a sword’s blade, it looks (and is) painful, arduous, and slow. It can’t be rushed. Yet these fears are based on ghosts and illusions. Somewhere we got the idea that pain and struggle is bad for us. It isn’t.

Don’t resist temperance. This is a waste of energy and is like resisting life itself. Moreover, if you do not temper a sword blade it will not be strong enough and will break when you need it most, in the heat of battle.

Also, fear itself is, in general, a massive waste of energy. It drains our energy at a time when we need it to deal with our real burdens that do need our attention. On a Ten of Wands day, we need that energy. We have so much to do! So release the fear and put your energy to a better use.

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