Cards for the Day: 6 of Wands/R’d Stars: To What Music Are You Dancing? Checking In With Spiritual Goals

Six of Wands--Yoga Tarot

Six of Wands--Yoga TarotThe Stars reversed--Yoga TarotThe Six of Wands at first looks auspicious: creativity, fire, enthusiasm, leading to success. And in the Yoga Tarot the Six of Wands is represented by the pose of the dancer: focused, balanced. Sounds good! But then we have the Stars reversed, which leads me to ask: what are we being successful at? are we moving in the right direction? what music are we dancing to?

It’s nice to be an overachiever and reach your goals, but be sure they are the right goals. Or at least the right goals for you. This is one of those cases where the advice is to turn the card back upright. Also, note that in the Yoga Tarot The Stars represent the sound “Om,” a vibration representing all existence, in a set of three: no beginning, no middle, no end. This would be a good time to check in with spiritual goals.

Finally, I can’t resist saying, do you see the similarity between The Stars and the foundation on which the dancer is holding her pose? The dancer’s focus, her concentration, her very balance, depends on a stable foundation that brings heart and voice into spiritual union. Why is voice so important to our balance? It’s just what we say. Yes, but what we say is the food we feed our minds (and the minds of others). It’s a pillar of our reality and our experience (so much of which is an illusion created by our minds). Like heart, voice is vital. Both heart and voice need to be kept aligned with your spiritual goals. That’s why truth, honesty and sincerity are equally as important as compassion, even though sometimes the truth is indeed hard to take.

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