Cards for the Day: 3 and Knight of Pentacles: Distracted by Desire?

Knight of Pentacles--Yoga Tarot

Three of Pentacles--Yoga TarotKnight of Pentacles--Yoga TarotI don’t really want to tell you my interpretation of these cards today. But duty compels me to be honest. Drawing from the Yoga Tarot, I pulled the Three of Pentacles and the Knight of Pentacles. In the Yoga Tarot, the Three of Pentacles is a yogi doing bridge pose, and a peacock spreading its feathers. The Knight of Pentacles is a pose that I don’t recognize–lotus lifted up in the air (can someone help me out and tell me the exact name? is it actually called rising lotus?)–with a rooster in the background. According to the Yoga Tarot’s accompanying book, the Knight of Pentacles, unlike in the Rider-Waite deck, represents physical pleasure and an amorous rendezvous. And that’s what I see in both these cards too: desire, whether or not it is acted upon (but this might be quite a day, or night, on which to act on it!).

A few words of advice:

See how the peacock’s feathers seem to contain an eye? And what colors are in that eye? Blue and green — the throat and heart chakra colors. Look with your heart through your eyes today — and speak from the heart, as well. (Aww…How romantic is that?)

Lots of yellow in those feathers too — the color of the solar plexus, or will and action. Act based on your will and your true intentions — or use will power, appropriately to your circumstances, whatever they may be.

Bridge pose: how is a relationship a bridge? what bridge are you crossing if you choose to act on today’s desires? The Yoga Tarot associates this card with risks and investments — and in the traditional Rider-Waite deck, there are three people working together. Think about the risks before you act, think about whether you are investing in the relationship that you most want to invest in, and once you’ve crossed your bridge, think long and hard before you burn it.

On the Knight of Pentacles card, we have the orange and red of the first two chakras (sexuality, relationships, safety, family) surrounded by the purple of the crown chakra (spirit, soul, morality). There’s more to sex than physicality — there is a spiritual component as well. So connect with it — it will help you to make better use of this day. Can the bridge of the Three of Pentacles connect you more strongly to your spiritual self?

Knight cards can sometimes be about testing. Are you being tested today? If you are, recognize it — and act accordingly. I can think of all sorts of tests that might apply to these cards!

Are you blushing yet? Let’s hope that tomorrow’s cards are a little more conducive to the G-rating of this blog. Good grief!


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