Sometimes We Can’t See the Future Until We Are Turned Upside-Down (Two of Wands, Hanged Man)

The Hanged Man--Rider-Waite

Two of Wands--Rider-WaiteHere’s the thing about looking ahead to the future: sometimes we aren’t good at seeing what lies ahead — or what should lie ahead — when we are calm and peaceful — although the Two of Wands that I’ve pulled for today looks relatively calm and peaceful. But often what happens is that the universe has to give us a little nudge before we see our true path. Okay, more than a nudge — the universe sometimes has to hang us upside down for a while (The Hanged Man). It may feel like a sacrifice (and may actually be one), it may feel as though our whole world has fallen apart, but actually, it hasn’t. The Hanged Man is not The Tower. It’s not even Death. In fact, I’d say the Hanged Man is getting off relatively easy compared to some of what we sometimes have to go through. We may resist being hung upside down, we may hate it bitterly, we may fight it for all we’re worth, but the bottom line is that nothing bad has really happened — we just have a very, very major change in perspective to adjust to. It happens — and not only does it happen, but sometimes it is the only way forward.

The Hanged Man--Rider-WaiteSo, if you are currently hanging upside down, take time to be the Two of Wands, and look ahead. Make your choices. What is your world going to be? Consider.

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