Cards for Gaza.

Three of Swords

Upset by Israel’s bombing of Gaza today, I started pulling cards. I don’t know whether it’s a good idea to share them. But here they are.

What do we need to know about Israel’s air strikes today?
reversed Ace of Wands

Two of PentaclesReversed Ace of Wands plus Two of Pentacles. Bad timing. No one needed this right now. This is not the beginning nor is it the end (well, we already knew that). Logistical juggling. Juggling of resources on the ground. I interpret this as related to medical resources. Very sad.

Outcome for Israel? Wheel of Fortune. Luck. Spinning the wheel. But also, karma — for good or bad. Wheel of Fortune

Outcome for Palestine? Three of Swords. Heartbreak. Three of Swords

Advice for those of us in the West? The Moon reversed. The Moon reversedA hard card to interpret but what I see here is a path between two towers (two sides). An end to madness. Night. Maybe a coalition formed during the night, aimed at bringing this to a stop.

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  1. The problem with drawing cards on a subject like this is that I am not unbiased. Do I just see what I already think? You decide. These are the cards I pulled. Feel free to interpret them differently.


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