Take Root and Ground to Find Balance. Be a Tree Today.

Ace of Chalices reversed--Yoga Tarot

Pulling from the Yoga Tarot today (it’s been a while!), I drew two reversed cards: the reversed Ace of Cups, which in this deck is full of blooming lotuses, and the reversed Emperor, standing in warrior 2 pose with a plant growing out of his hand. But reversed, these plants (both the lotuses and the plant in the Emperor’s hand) appear to be growing downward. If you view the lotuses on the Ace of Chalices card as cups, you can see that our feelings are pouring out of us today — leaving us feeling somewhat drained. Plus, the energy today feels shaky to me. Everyone seems tired and off balance. These cards point to a solution.Ace of Chalices reversed--Yoga Tarot

The Emperor reversed--Yoga TarotYesterday, we were air. A few days ago, we were rocks. Today, my advice is, be a tree, or any other plant that suits you. Be a plant and grow the tendrils of your roots down into the earth. When we are off balance, this grounding, steadying energy is exactly what’s needed.

This may mean not moving forward on your path today. Plants take root and stay in one place. They don’t race forward like chariots. We may all have to make our peace with this fact.

The Emperor represents order, balance, and control. If we want control, we must have balance, and if we want balance, we have to plant our feet firmly on the ground. Despite our longing to move forward, we must do things in the order in which they must be done — and it so happens that means feet on the ground, first. Ground. Be a tree today.


  1. Having a good foundation is always best before you haphazardly go off on a venture. I just happen to have posted a picture of a lotus today. What a coincidence. 🙂


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