To Make a Wish Come True, You Don’t Need a Birthday Cake — You Need Faith

Nine of Cups--Rider-Waite

The Fool reversed--Rider-WaiteNine of Cups--Rider-WaiteQuick cards today: the Fool reversed and the Nine of Cups. Well, I’ve written before about the Fool reversed. I don’t know how to hang glide, but the Fool reversed makes me think of hang gliding — stepping off a cliff into thin air, just for the joy of being out there. Have you noticed how sometimes one particular element will dominate the cards for the day? Today it’s air — and the air is practically crackling with manifestation energy. It’s a day for a wish come true (Nine of Cups) or, maybe, a miracle. A day when we won’t crash like a rock (though there is a time and a place to be a rock!). Today, we’ll float like soap bubbles, I think.

What miracle have YOU been trying to manifest? A wise person once pointed out to me that to manifest a miracle, if you’re brave enough to try that, you have to have faith. Read the Bible. Read any scripture from any religion that has stories and legends of miracle workers. How do you think the miracle workers accomplished their miracles? It’s no big secret. They were happy to tell the people who asked them. Faith. The hard part is generating that faith on a deep enough level to make a miracle occur. Especially in the modern era, we always seem to have at least a sliver of doubt.

But the Fool IS reversed — so maybe the universe will take a hand in nudging our faith along just a little. Maybe a little earthquake to get things rolling. Or a tornado — doesn’t the Fool’s companion look like Dorothy’s dog Toto from The Wizard of Oz? And doesn’t the Nine of Cups fellow look, just a little bit, like that humbug wizard? Today just might be the beginning of a magnificent adventure. Even if, as in Dorothy’s case, that magnificent adventure turns out to be a dream generated by our own minds — like everything else.

I invite you to have faith today in your ability to make things happen. Notice one more thing–there is sunshine, the yellow of a healthy solar plexus chakra, all  OVER these cards. A day to use your own will, and your own personal control, talents, abilities, resources, your own personal power, to make things happen. Go ahead and make your wish come true. 🙂


  1. Great article! Yes, we certainly need to believe in our abilities as divine creators, but sometimes limiting beliefs get in the way. I have found monitoring my thoughts for negativity helpful and ensuring that I turn any negative thoughts in a positive or better feeling thought. I’ve also found positive self talk or mantras helpful in changing how I think and therefore feel about something.

    If these steps aren’t successful in creating belief or faith, one can always have some clearings done on their Akashic Record to clear the actual point of creation of the limiting thought at soul level. Having experienced a significant amount of this healing, i can say it changes the way you think about so many things in the most profound and healing way because it clears the negative energy at it’s source.

    Blessings to all!

    MJ 🙂


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