Choosing When to Fight and When to Work

Five of SwordsTen of WandsI hate to see the Five of Swords show up in a reading, but here we have it again today. I see this card as representing situations that suck the life out of us. These are times when it doesn’t even seem worth the bother of fighting. Two fives doubled is ten, and we have the Five of Swords appearing today with the Ten of Wands. Yes, those days that suck the life out of us often seem to involve back-breaking work as well.

If that weren’t enough, the man on the Ten of Wands card is averting his face from something, burying his face in his wands. What does he not want to see? What does he not want the responsibility for seeing? Is the fight he’s walking away from one that might, after all, be worth fighting?

Of course, sometimes it’s wise to choose our battles. But there are other times when pretending not to see that a battle needs to be fought is to commit an injustice.


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