Family Stress, No Fooling. Hold On.

Seven of Swords reversed--Rider-Waite tarotSix of Cups reversed--Rider-Waite tarotI am tired of writing about family problems! But that’s what I see in today’s cards too: reversed Seven of Swords and reversed Six of Cups. Though you may wish your family to think of you in a particular way, all the sneaking around (Seven of Swords) in the world won’t convince them of something that isn’t the truth. If this issue is related to patterns from the past, seeing family may bring up all sorts of negative emotions (Six of Cups, reversed). Instead of being nostalgic about the good times you may find yourself bitter over the bad.

Often my advice in these situations, especially when they involve a reversed card, is to flip the card right side up with your actions/approach. This isn’t going to work for the Seven of Swords. You’re stuck with being honest (or being the one who discovers what’s really true) much as you might have preferred the lie. For the Six of Cups, though, flipping the card may work: try forgiveness and putting the past in the past. Be aware, though, that when it comes to family, often family members aren’t ready to let the past stay in the past.

Four of Pentacles--Rider-WaiteI drew a third card, asking, what is the solution, in that case? Answer: Four of Pentacles (which was reversed yesterday, from the Yoga Tarot). Just hold on.

There is no easy answer for this. Just hold on. See what happens. Practice patience. Sit. Easy for me to say! But also, easier on you than fighting. Wait them out. Hold onto…what? Hold onto what matters to you. That’s what. Just hold on with patience.

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