Clear Space for New Dreams, Visions in 2013 by First Attending to Leftover Baggage from 2012

Six of Wands--ReversedThree of Wands reversed--Rider-Waite tarotThough this is the time of year when everyone goes crazy making New Year’s resolutions, and setting goals/having visions for the new year, I don’t actually think it’s time yet. I think that many of us are energetically still stuck in 2012. Until we deal with the unresolved stresses of 2012, 2012 will remain with us — and we won’t have our space clear for those new goals and visions. Though it’s a jones, we have to sort through that old baggage first. I’m not referring only to our memories of 2012, but to more prosaic matters such as deadlines we promised to meet in 2012, and getting our 2012 tax information together…that sort of thing.

The Six of Wands, reversed or upright, tells me we’d rather be knitting — or at least I would! (Don’t those middle two wands look like knitting needles?). But it isn’t time for that either, except maybe as a break between organizing/getting caught up.

2013 will wait for us to be ready. Once we have cleared the space, by cleaning off our desks and attending to those commitments that need attending to, we’ll be ready for it. Then it will be time to dream, plan, and set goals — and start working on manifesting them.


  1. Fantastic, a great example of how combining traditional and personal meanings of a card can add depth to a reading. Blessings, G


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