Warm Family Feelings Emerge as the Holidays Draw to a Close; Meditation Recommended

Queen of Chalices--Yoga TarotNine of Chalices reversed--Yoga TarotFinally some happy family cards! For family connections, you can’t draw a much better card than the Queen of Cups. She is warm, loving, and maternal. Though, like all mothers, she struggles with how much and what to say to her family about her hopes and dreams for them (we see her here surrounded by throat chakra blue). When families come to visit, they can’t really see us as we are or as WE hope to be in the future. What they see (often nostalgically, represented here by the reversed Nine of Cups) is our past or what THEY think (or hope or fear) should be our future — but rarely our true present or future.

Still, these are happy cards–cards of a family that may have bickered over the holidays but are feeling warm and nostalgic now that the time to separate again is nearing. When a departure looms, that is when we remember that we didn’t really want to bicker in the first place and that we actually love our family members.

Note that the Yoga Tarot likes to provide a remedy for issues of the day that come up, and we have a remedy strongly recommended by these cards today: meditation. Both cards show a person meditating, though in slightly different positions: the Queen of Cups is in a lotus pose (though we could interpret that as a gentler tailor-style pose) and the yogi on the Nine of Cups card is in more of a Japanese-style seiza position. We can meditate in these poses, or other poses that feel better (such as lying down savasana-style!, or meditating in a yoga pose, or meditating with a cozy blanket). Either way, using meditation to help root and ground us is a good idea today.

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