Don’t Wait — Quarterback Your Own Paradigm Shift

quarterback, paradigm shift, Corporate Flash CardsMy, the Magician manages to manifest in any deck I try to draw cards from lately! I hope you can see the images above (click on them to see them full size, if you can’t)–they are from the Corporate Flashcards, a deck that is certainly not intended for divination but is nevertheless a lot of fun to play with–and which tends to produce startling readings. The two cards (drawn randomly, as always, only to end up showing us that nothing is ever really random) are “paradigm shift” and “quarterback.” Note that a paradigm shift is a transformation — but it’s a MENTAL transformation that operates by changing the entire way that we look at the world and how we interpret our world. When our perceptions change, our world changes.

How can we bring about a much-needed paradigm shift? There’s really only one way: by quarterbacking it. We can’t sit around and wait for change. We have to take charge of the situation. (Come to think of it, The Emperor is in the cards today too, isn’t he? And he’s driving The Chariot.)

These cards make me think of Alec Baldwin’s scene in Glengarry Glen Ross, even though personally I’d take a more compassionate approach to delivering that particular message. “I’d wish you luck, but you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you had it.” That’s what Baldwin says, but he’s still a half-step away from the truth, because the truth is, you don’t need luck.

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