Stillness and Prayer Bring Love to the Level of the Tender and the Sacred

Knight of Chalices reversed--Yoga TarotAce of Pentacles reversed--Yoga TarotAt times (like today), everything has to come to a stop while we consider how to be true to ourselves while also being in our families and with our partners. This calls for stillness and contemplation. Though we are busy, this stillness is as necessary as food and air to us and will, in fact, help with our productivity as well, because the foundation of everything that we do comes from love or the need for it. A stable foundation (Ace of Pentacles, shown here from the Yoga Tarot) helps with absolutely everything.

In this regard, take note that one way to approach your partner or lover is through prayer and stillness. To be worshipful of each other (setting aside faults which, if properly and thoroughly understood, are part of what is right and good, too). To be willing to bring all of your charging forward, all that you are, to a halt, to climb down off your horse like this Knight of Cups, and stop time for the sake of love. For the sake of concentrating fully and with intense focus on love and nothing else. Frivolously taking the time that you can’t spare to savor and adore your partner.

This approach ups the intensity of sex, love and romance to the level of the sacred and the spiritual. To a level of commitment and intimacy that scares many people. But — only taking love to that level will bring the healing that we need in order to feel true and deep content.

This type of love is not only for romantic lovers. Think about what it might mean to apply stillness, prayer, and adoration to love of one’s family and friends, one’s teachers and mentors, or perhaps, like a bodhisattva, to all sentient beings. No need to hoard tenderness. All beings have connected deeply with one another or will, at some place and time.


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