Happy Day? Dancing with our Feet on the Ground

Ten of PentaclesPage of SwordsIn these recession times, it’s rare that I draw the Ten of Pentacles. But here it is — with the Page of Swords. Today might involve some form of good news related to money, or some other form of material good news, such as good news related to health — and our Page wonders if it is too good to be true. Check the facts, but don’t be afraid to walk through the gate into a world of happiness and abundance. This doesn’t look like a fairy ring or a dream world to me. It just feels like it because we aren’t used to this kind of news right now.

Go ahead and be happy. Even our Page is ready to dance — do you see her arabesque? As long as we dance with our feet on the ground, everything should be fine.


  1. Hi Bonnie~

    I think your twitter account may have been compromised. I received a message from it today that i’ve received in the past from someone when their account was also hacked into.



    1. Yes, you’re right, Lindsey–sorry I didn’t reply yesterday–actually spent all day scanning my computer to make sure there wasn’t any trace of malware left. šŸ˜¦ If anyone else received that Twitter message from me, don’t click on the link!!! Fortunately, it was an easy, if time-consuming, fix.


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