GTD With the Help of the Heart Chakra: Making Choices and Setting Next Actions

Knight of Chalices reversed--Yoga TarotKnave of Pentacles reversed--Yoga Tarot by Lo ScarabeoMany of us are facing, right now, or perhaps are trying to avoid facing, important decisions that impact our material security. These decisions might be blocked or delayed at the moment, but they cannot be put off forever. When it is time to make the choice, we should be, or perhaps cannot help but be, guided by heart (represented in these cards by green, the color of the heart chakra, in the background of each card).

Why should heart, and not mind, get to guide our decisions? Well, in Tibetan Buddhism, heart and mind are the same. But aside from that, the heart chakra is the bridge between the upper chakras of spirit and ideas and the lower chakras that have to do with our material security, our families, our relationships, and to be frank, our comfort. (The spiritual world doesn’t care that much about our comfort — comfort isn’t, unfortunately, a primary driver of spiritual growth. Comfort is more a factor in our bodies, our families, our relationships, our material well being.) In the Yoga Tarot, the Knight of Chalices represents this bridge between the chakras, and the Yoga Tarot booklet says of this card, “In my heart of hearts there is the union of earth and heaven.” Does this card and this slogan remind you of the Magician? Me too! And this is reassuring, because it suggests that the intention of our hearts will become manifest — once we get around to actually forming that intention and making the choice that lies before us in the cards today.

So how can we prepare for the choices that lie ahead? We can open our hearts, with exercise, especially yoga poses such as triangle, and with meditation and prayer. See how the Knight of Chalices has gotten off his horse in order to meditate and pray? Likewise, the Knave of Pentacles is taking time to create a sand mandala. Which sands are slipping through his fingers as he contemplates? The yellow sand — sand connected with the solar plexus chakra, the will, action. What intention will drive our next actions? That’s really the question.

And if you follow the GTD (Getting Things Done) system of organization, you know that next actions are crucial to manifestation. One next action leads inexorably to another until the thing is done. So be careful what intention you set, at this stage.

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