Come Back to Earth/Worry Won’t Accomplish What You Want It To

Nine of Swords reversedTemperance reversedWhoa, slow down there, Tex. What happened to stopping to ground and make sure you have your feet on the ground? I think the winter storms have swept us off our feet or something! Reversed Nine of Swords: worry, overthinking, lots of it, obsessing to the point of being almost paralyzed with anxiety over something. Reversed Temperance: an angel trying very hard to mix elements in order to bring about balance, and being very persistent about it, but going about this endeavor hanging upside down — leaving us overwhelmed with intuition and emotion that are flooding everywhere and won’t stay in the cup.

First of all, if you ask the angel nicely to put its feet back on the ground, it most likely will. Angels are obliging that way and can be a wonderful source of spiritual support, especially at times when you are going totally crazy with worry. And this angel is here to be of help, because Temperance IS the path out of all this worry (see the path in the background of the card?). We just need to get our feet on the ground first. I mean physically, put your feet on the ground right now, and feel the Earth pulling you (gravity). That will help, and so will meditation, exercise, and fresh air. Frankly, we just need to get out of our heads today and back into our bodies. If we can do that, nature knows how to create the right mix for us. We don’t have to overthink it.

I know that we all have responsibilities and work obligations that need to be dealt with. I am setting one aside for a moment just to write this post! But the key to productivity and good time management really, truly, is balance. Once we set our worries to one side and focus on one thing at a time, our ability to get the things done that we need to WILL improve. We might not have time for a lot of exercise, meditation or fresh air today, but we can at least pause getting out of the car or off the bus to take a breath and look around at the world. Try starting with just that and see if it nudges your energy just a little bit closer to being in balance.


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