Where’s the Fire? Hurrying Will Get You Nowhere–Lay Foundations First

Four of Wands--Reversed!Knight of Swords--Reversed!Where ARE you going in such a hurry today? You might as well slow down and take your time. Do things right. Because today, hurrying isn’t going to do it. Roadblocks will rise up, technology problems may slow you down, communications will turn into misunderstandings that have to be sorted out, and, if you are traveling by air, expect delays. You’ll make it home, but not as quickly as you’d like to — when you get there (reversed Four of Wands), you may want to kiss the ground under your feet because it took so long to arrive. (I pulled the reversed Knight of Swords without really thinking about the weather, but when I started thinking about travel by air, I realized that today’s forecast for a winter storm watch in the American Midwest might just be a factor in all of this.)

If the hurry is not about travel, but is about stuff that you’re trying to get done — be aware of the old saying, “haste makes waste.” You have to take time to do things right, laying your foundations properly. Otherwise, your shortcut early on will turn into a major headache later. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

In a nutshell: we’re not ready for what we’re trying to accomplish today. Not by a long shot. But there’s no use in fretting about it. Take the time and do what you have to so that you can BE ready — even if that means that what you wanted to do today has to wait until tomorrow. On a day like this, what else can you do?

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