Are You Ready for a New Beginning?

The Fool -- Yoga TarotKnave of Wands--Yoga TarotIt’s time for a new beginning (The Fool) but we may not be sure yet what our true intentions are, nor are we sure that we have the enthusiasm for this task (reversed Knave of Wands–depicted upright here–and you’ve got to love his green hair! This is someone who thinks with his heart). This new beginning is coming, though, and when it does, our spiritual nature (do you see the little purple monkey on The Fool’s card?) will push us to jump off this cliff.

There are reasons for the hesitation, and those reasons have to do with material, financial security. We have to sit on the ground and think these things through before making such a major commitment. Because this particular commitment looks like madness (in the Yoga Tarot, the Fool represents both freedom and madness). And perhaps it is madness, so think things through carefully. I would add, “but don’t overthink,” but if you’re an overthinker — I am! — then you already know that advice is pointless (overthinkers overthink, it’s what we do, so you might as well tell the tide not to come in).

When and if you’re ready, that’s when you’ll be ready.


  1. Been hearing this “new beginning” idea from a few people I know, myself included. I guess we all need to change now, whether we like it or not. That’s okay though.


    1. Just saw this comment–wow, I really haven’t been online at the website in a while! Yes, I think actually we are always in some sense creating our own new beginnings, though more so at some times than others. We’re always already starting over… 🙂


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