Four Steps for Making Your Own Customized Virtual Tarot Deck

I haven’t been online very much myself lately…and though there are many places you can go to find cards of the day, I thought it might be fun to provide a system that you can customize for yourself. (Are there copyright issues involved in this process? Goodness no–as long as you are collecting images for your own personal use and are not selling them or your collection–or access to it.)

Step 1: Collect your images. One option is to scan your own deck and save the images in a folder. But another option, my personal favorite for this purpose, is to save inspiring or meaningful images that you happen to see online. Many of mine come from Facebook, but I also save the images if I do a virtual online reading at any of the many sites where you can find these. So my folder contains quite a few cards from assorted decks, as well as many many nature photos, photos of my family members or people I find inspiring, memes that are funny or inspiring, etc.

Step 2: Save your images in your folder. (This should be obvious, right?)

Step 3: Randomly choose your images for your reading. There are two great ways to access your images for a quick reading. You could open the folder and set it to show you a random slide show. Or you could go into your screensaver settings (this is what I do, myself) and set the image folder you’ve built as your screensaver, using the Slideshow screensaver option. (Windows has this–I’m not sure if there is a similar option for Mac users. If you have a Mac and know the answer to this question, please post the answer in the comments!)

Step 4: Concentrate on a question and see what image pops up in front of you–or just let the universe show you a random image. 

Does this work? I think it works just as well, or possibly better, than shuffling cards. I think that the universe and all the beings in it (angels, fairies, bodhisattvas, gods/goddesses) work very well with electronic energy. I think you’ll find that you get some uncanny readings this way. Let’s try it for today using my images in my folder:
Angel of AbundanceLove--Universal WisdomAngel of Clearing

This doesn’t usually happen, but this time all the cards that came up are from Toni Carmine Salerno’s decks. I think the angel ones came from the decks that are online at Ask the Angels. Joined with the Love card, I see these angels as bringing us a very positive message of hope — as if the angels are telling us that our lives are about to be overflowing with love. But this did not stop me from asking for a last wrap-up of guidance for the day — and in response, this beauty popped up on my screen:

Read Now, Clean Later



  1. What a fantastic idea! I love this, and I think I want to try it, too! (If/when I do, I will come back to report, for sure.) I love that “read now, clean later” image. I think I’m going to borrow it for my special folder. ;D


    1. So glad you liked this! Yes, definitely let us know how it goes… 🙂

      I forgot to mention this, but another fun thing to do if you ever do online virtual readings, like the reading at Angels Teach, is to save the results to Evernote (or print them as a pdf and save them in a folder if you don’t like online cloud file services) — then you can go back to them later and they become a sort of adjunct to a tarot journal.


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