Meditation: Why Sit on the Ground to Meditate?

Queen of Wands--Yoga TarotOne of the things I love most about the Yoga Tarot is that it has so many cards depicting meditation. Ten of Chalices--Yoga TarotIn a Yoga Tarot reading, I estimate that there is about a 25% chance that the topic of meditation will come up! In most of the YT’s meditation cards, meditators are shown in the classic Zen-style lotus or semi-lotus pose, sitting on the ground. I want to take a moment to talk about the value of meditating on the ground. Even in you are meditating in savasana, corpse pose, it really is preferable to lie on the floor and be as close to the earth as possible — rather than lying in bed to meditate. I know…bed is so comfortable and the floor is so hard! But there truly is a good reason for this.

Being on the floor, or better yet, sitting outside on the ground, puts you in contact with the earth. Energetically, you can feel the difference. I challenge you right now to go and sit or lie down somewhere where you can be on the floor or on the ground, and then get up again and sit or lie somewhere where you do not have contact with the ground. Go ahead, we’ll wait!Six of Swords--Yoga Tarot

Can you feel the difference?

I wish I could give you a good solid scientific reason for this. Temperance--Yoga TarotRight now, all I can think of is the movie Die Hard, in which Bruce Willis is advised to take off his shoes and walk around barefoot after a plane flight so that he can reconnect with the Earth’s magnetic field. There is something to this, though — next time you fly somewhere, try walking around barefoot after your flight like Bruce Willis–you’ll feel the same difference in energy that you felt from my stand up/sit down/lie down exercise above. If you are someone who likes to work with crystals, you can easily appreciate that the Earth, magnetically/energetically, is like a giant crystal. You can feel the same energy by going to a part of the country where you can spend time around mountains. If you connect with the Earth, just like when you hold or wear a crystal, you connect with a powerful healing force — and if you do this while meditating, you pull the healing power of the Earth into your meditation. You can still do this to some degree if you are seated in a chair (especially if you have your feet touching the ground) or lying in bed — but if you are actually on the floor, it will be much more effective.

Here are some techniques to try:Eight of Chalices--Yoga Tarot

During your meditation, imagine yourself growing roots down into the Earth. Feel that you are drawing your support and your nourishment from the Earth. You may even want to visualize the Earth holding you protectively or cradling you. This can be very powerful if you are feeling spacey or insecure. Seven of Swords--Yoga Tarot

While lying in savasana, imagine all your stress and all the negativity that you are surrounded with draining out of you and into the Earth. Don’t worry that your negativity will hurt the Earth. Instead, think in terms of composting it — allowing the Earth to take that negative energy and transform it into nourishment for all of Earth’s living creatures. Just like tossing your kitchen scraps into the compost pile!

My first two suggestions above have to do with energy flowing one way — into you or out of you. But you can do both at the same time, by pairing these visualizations with your in and out breaths. Breathing in, pull nourishing grounding energy up into you from the Earth. Breathing out, let negativity flow out into the Earth where it can be transformed. This practice can clean you out energetically and leave you feeling focused, awake, and ready for your day.

But don’t take my word for it — try it yourself and leave a comment about your experience below.The Hierophant--Yoga TarotKing of Swords--Yoga TarotTen of Swords--Yoga TarotThe Magician--Yoga TarotQueen of Chalices--Yoga Tarot


    1. Glad you like them! It’s a wonderful deck, but the images shown here aren’t exactly as I purchased them–I trimmed off the borders and then wrote the numbers and words on with gold and silver craft markers. After my changes, the deck is half the size that it was when I bought it–I’m considering doing this to other decks as well, since I have small hands.


    1. **addenda: what to visualize? don’t visualize. just let thought subside, and it happens quickly. It is just what you want to do – NOTHING. No plans, no practice. also, bad typos: “compared to sitting on a cushion, OR wood meditation stool, even they are placed on the ground.”

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