Lightening the Chips on Our Shoulders: R’d 3 of Swords/R’d 7 of Swords

Looks like the cards want me to practice reading reversals! Three of Swords reversedSeven of Swords reversedReversed three of swords, reversed seven of swords. It seems like a lot of inner work is going on right now, for many of us. Things from the past, such as broken hearts, shame, and secrets, still haunt us — but none of this is fresh. If you’ve been working on healing from something for a long time, you may feel that the legacy of the past is somehow, now, starting to lift. Try to move with this energy and let the past lift — you deserve some relief from the things that have been weighing down your heart. As the past lifts, our spirits will rise as well.


  1. I’ve never done the tarot or psychic thing…..but one psychic told my now ex one thing…and it happened…but not for long…so I’m skeptical and always seeing weird signs but then horrible things happening.


    1. Thanks for your comment–I’ve been thinking about how to reply. It seems like you are saying two things, and one has to do with your own intuition, while the other is about being skeptical. So related to your own intuition: do the horrible things that you see happening seem to be related to the weird signs that you notice? Is that what you’re saying? Or that they are unrelated?

      I’m wondering also if you ever notice signs of wonderful things happening, as well as horrible things. It might be that the horrible things stay in your mind more. But pay attention for a while and see if you notice any signs related to good things happening as well — because the world includes both good and bad. Does that make any sense? You might want to also try keeping a journal of signs that you notice, and then later journal whatever happens that you think is related to it. That may give you some confidence in your own intuition.

      Re skepticism: As far as a psychic saying one thing and then turning out to be partly wrong and partly right…that does happen. Lots of times psychics are 100% wrong! I think sometimes the error is in the interpretation of the message. Another issue is that psychics and tarot readers are biased, like anyone else. For myself, for example, I find that I want the best for my clients, so I may have a slight bias towards seeing the best rather than the worst. There may be readers out there who have a bias toward seeing the worst. I would say, keep on being skeptical, but observe and keep track of things that you notice and just see what you think as time goes on.

      Finally, I feel like a third thing that you are saying is that it’s a bit spooky to see signs and worry that something will happen. Coincidentally I’ve been thinking about writing a post about fear and tarot. But I’m not sure if that connects with what you’re saying or not.

      Sorry for the long reply! But I think there’s a lot packed into your short comment. 🙂


      1. No worries. It’s odd… while I am the most hopeless and accepting that things won’t change in some situations…then these signs appear out of nowhere…like they are telling me to hold on…? I am skeptical because then after the first sign, something bad happened regarding that situation…then while going through a rough patch, another sign popped up…I don’t know if the universe is saying that I need to continue with holding on to a small sense of hope… I know it is VERY vague, and without explaining, it is in fact hard to decipher. I apoligize for that.
        I have bee pushing past a VERY rough patch and it is profiting with fruition, but then I see these signs when I am willing to accept that I should give up and let it be… I am sorry for being so tough to wade through… Anyhow, his psychic had it all right…up until May…but those huge events that shattered my world have also turned over so many changes in my life for the better…so now I am pursuing the good that I am able to and trying to lay to rest the past and accept what happened…but then out of nowhere…crazy signs…signs that are SO PRECISE it is scary… I am logging things once again now that I am being treated for mental issues.


      2. Hmm. I am glad you are logging all of this because that will help you to see patterns. I can relate to feeling like the universe is telling you to hang in there and be hopeful and then being upset because something bad happened. That has definitely happened to me! I’ve come to feel that in those cases, sometimes the universe is offering reassurance precisely because something is coming and it’s at those times that we most need a message to hang in there and hold onto hope. And there may be something good on the other side of that bad event that we’re being counseled to hang in there for. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not! And your mileage with it may vary. You know your situation, and I don’t.

        Anyway, feel free to comment any time–I don’t mind if comments take some thinking about! 🙂


  2. This reading is spot on for me Bonnie. I have been slowly but surely healing a long standing throat chakra disturbance. This is a deep wound that has lingered all my life, one that I have always been in touch with. It continues to teach me and guide me into my fullest self as I consciously allow that work to continue to unfold.


    1. Thanks, Laurel. I’m glad this reading resonated so well with you. Reading your comment, I suddenly realized that although I wrote about needing relief from things that are weighing down the heart, actually, any chakra could be weighed down with past energy. I have a lot of throat chakra issues, myself.


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