Everything’s Okay/A Good Day for Travel (from Magical Messages from the Fairies)

Drawing from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies, today, I initially decided to shuffle the cards for a few minutes first. I hadn’t shuffled this deck really well in a while. I told the cards, I’m not asking you anything right now, just shuffling. And a card popped up at me! It says, “Ask for what you want! Let the Universe and other people know what you need.” ask for what you want -- Magical Messages from the Fairies

Okay, okay! Those fairies are an assertive bunch. Ask your question and get on with it, huh? So I asked for two cards to provide guidance to my blog readers for today, and pulled:

1. Everything’s okay. Don’t worry. It’s all working out in a beautiful way. everything is okay -- Magical Messages from the Fairies

2. Travel. An upcoming trip proves to be life-changing in positive ways. travel -- Magical Messages from the Fairies

So there you have it. I love how both the cards for today are purple, the color of the crown chakra. That being so, I’d interpret these cards as also meaning that everything is okay, spiritually, and that our spiritual development is progressing (traveling) in ways that will change us profoundly as time goes on. So get ready for that! 🙂

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