The Sun/Judgement: A Happy Release

JudgementThe SunBuilding on my “Lightening the Chips on Our Shoulders” post from a few days ago, today’s cards (Judgement and The Sun) seem to urge us to call out the spirits of our past and release them lovingly. If it helps, visualize releasing the past lovingly into the arms of angels (see the angel in the sky on the Judgement card?). Even the bad parts of the past, the parts that we don’t want to even think about looking at, have their place in our lives and can be transformed into something that nourishes us on some level. Release that energy into the universe where it can be recycled and composted.

Why? Because releasing the past brings us happiness and lightheartedness — it brings us The Sun. It makes our inner children want to play. 🙂

If releasing the past is hard (who am I kidding? of course it’s hard), note that in these cards, The Sun comes first. It may be necessary to find the spirit of playfulness within you before you can release the negativity of the past. That’s what makes this so hard — it seems like each thing that must be done requires the other to happen first. And we can end up feeling stuck as a result. But today is a good day to find a way to make a leap of faith and try.

And if all this “woo woo” language makes you crazy, then keep it simple and practical. Go out in the sun today. Take a walk in nature, or a bike ride. Start with something as simple as that. If you are too depressed to go outside, then open your curtains. Take whatever step you can, even if it is a baby step.


  1. ‘Fake it till you make it.’ It gets the endorphins going, and if it’s self trickery, who cares, I found that out when still working in teaching. I became very unwell, active, aggressive rheumatoid arthritis. Terrible pain, but by the time I had my slap on, I generally looked in better case than I felt while wondering every morning how I’d get through it. I smiled at every student as they came in and most smiled back. It literally pushed the pain back sufficiently that I could cope…certainly for the duration.


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