Air Plus Water: Is a Storm Front Coming In?

High Priestess of Air -- House of Night cards

Drawing today from the Colette Baron-Reid’s House of Night cards, I pulled the High Priestess of Air and the High Priestess of Water.High Priestess of Water -- House of Night cardsTwo interpretations for these: the first is that air plus water feels to me like a storm coming in. But is it a meteorological storm, or an emotional one? Air, in this deck, has to do with thinking and rationality — and possibly overthinking. Water stands for transformation — but also emotions. And overthinking, in my experience, often does lead to an emotional storm. It can be the fuse that sets off an internal Tower. Be careful not to goad yourself into a state of emotional melodrama.

1 Comment

  1. Now I’m starting to wonder if a real storm front is coming in, here in Milwaukee. Whew, is it ever windy out there!


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