Thinking About Bees

flower power -- Magical Messages from the Fairiesdaughter -- Magical Messages from the FairiesFrom Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies this morning, I pulled Flower Power and Daughter. I sat here puzzled for a few minutes, thinking about what meaning these cards have for readers of my blog. And then I thought about bees. Our collective future IS tied to the health of our bees. If we can’t keep our bees healthy, then we can look forward to food shortages.

Google this issue and you will very quickly be scared — very scared. To get you started, try Grist’s recent article. Then try this piece from the Mother Nature Network, explaining what we personally can do to help bees.

Is there a spiritual message here too? Of course. It’s a message not only about our connection to all beings on this planet and to nature, but also about our connection to beings who vibrate at high frequencies. So just mull that over for a bit.





  1. I’m a beekeeper. Well, in potentia really. We had bees a couple of years ago, but we had to sell them. Since then we have been waiting for bees to be available from somewhere *sigh* Bees do well in urban setting where there is a lot of difference sources of food for them. It’s an expensive hobby, but lots of clubs with communal hives…. maybe you might consider a wee box in your garden, Bonnie?! 😀


    1. Thinking about it, though all I have is a balcony. I do have oregano and mint growing out there, which bees are said to like. I thought they would like my geraniums and chrysanthemums, but it turns out they don’t. 😦 So, I’m looking into what else I could put out there in my afternoon sunshine.


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