Celebrity Speed Reading: Aaron Hernandez

First of all, I don’t follow sports, and I don’t follow sensational murder stories. However, I happened to see a headline about Aaron Hernandez, and decided to try a quick tarot reading — couldn’t be more objective, since I barely know who he is. Football player, right?

Five of Cups

Here’s what I pulled:

Past: Five of Cups. Loss, deep regret. A fairly bleak, depressed mood over it. Despair. Does this card mean Hernandez is guilty? Not necessarily, no. We may regret many things in life that we didn’t directly cause. Sometimes we regret our own role in events that we didn’t cause but that we were connected with. So no, the Five of Cups neither confirms nor denies guilt here.

Present: Ace of Cups. Ace of CupsOverflowing with a new emotion, longing for peace. I see this as the possible desire for the spotlight to turn to someone else. But that’s what little I have read of the news intruding on the reading.

Future: reversed Two of Pentacles. Overwhelmed by events, unable to keep up with everything, life generally falling apart from the stress of daily events. This wouldn’t be surprising — no matter what the outcome of this case, being hounded by the media and the justice system is bound to cause some fraying around the edges — anyone would have a hard time keeping up.

Two of Pentacles reversed--Rider-Waite tarot

So, no real answers here, just a little insight. Looks like a very emotional time for Hernandez — and maybe also for Patriots fans. 

Feel free to comment below, especially if you are following this story.


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