Justice and Practicality Don’t Always Go Together

For several years now, I find that I haven’t been a big fan of justice. While in theory justice seems so necessary, in the real world it seems to me that what it really leads to are “just” wars, revenge killings, and the like. Or on a smaller scale, name-calling, blaming, and nothing really getting done about the underlying problems. I think it’s more practical for us all to take responsibility for whatever is wrong (even if it wasn’t our fault) and for us all to work together to fix it.

Three of Chalices -- Samurai Tarot
Three of Chalices, the wedded rocks at Futimagaura, from Lo Scarabeo’s Samurai Tarot
Justice reversed -- Samurai Tarot
Justice reversed, from Lo Scarabeo’s Samurai Tarot

So that’s why I’m not distressed, especially, to see Justice reversed turn up in my cards for today from the Samurai Deck. After all, next to Justice reversed, we have the rocks of Futimagaura (Three of Cups), which have been reversed several times over the last few days, suddenly appearing upright. That makes me happy to see. Even in the face of injustice in the world, maybe especially in the face of it, we can learn from these rocks, and remain steady, upright, and tied together. We can be present with the stormy ocean of our emotions while watching a new day dawn.

Besides, when the Samurai Tarot’s Justice is reversed, that puts the chakra colors somewhat in order — blue, indigo, violet — with violet at the top. When we are willing to set aside simple Justice for a higher, spiritual cause, we are listening to our higher selves. And I don’t think Justice minds being reversed if doing so allows spirit to take over.

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