Breathe to Bring the Coolness of a Waterfall into the Tower’s Inferno

Eight of Chalices reversed--Samurai Tarot
Eight of Chalices — from the Samurai Tarot


The Tower, Samurai Tarot
The Tower — from the Samurai Tarot

When is it hardest for us to live in the world, meditatively? During Tower moments. When there are explosions and fires and fights…that is when we all need the coolness of falling water to sit under.

How can you bring the coolness of a waterfall meditation into a day in which everything might be falling apart? A day in which you might literally be fighting fires? (Especially if you are an Alaska firefighter…) Or a day in which a revelation might set off a fire in you.

The answer is breath. Breath feeds the fire. It also feeds you — and your strong spirit. In our most desperate moments, we need meditation the most. Bring your spirit’s waterfall to the fires you meet, today.

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