Unicorns Appear to Let Us Know All Is Well

Relax, Everything's Okay, Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards
Relax–Everything’s Okay, from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

It’s about time some unicorns appeared on this page. These cards are from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Unicorns Oracle deck (a deck I borrowed from my daughter). Relax, because everything will be okay, and the answer that you’re looking for is always love.

But also, notice two things about these cards: 1) the Relax card shows a unicorn grounding, coming down to earth, letting stress out into the earth and letting the earth provide grounding energy. When you can do that, that’s when everything WILL be okay. And 2) the Love unicorn is covered in feathers — like an angel. And all true love has a bit of the divine in it. When we truly love another person, we love the way a god would, the way an angel would, the way a buddha or a bodhisattva would — without limits.

Love, Doreen Virtue's Magical Unicorns Oracle Deck
Love, from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Unicorns Oracle deck

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  1. If you’re looking for a deck to share with children, by the way, this is a lovely one to start with.


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